Powersys New Energy


Damping 3-fold steel ball bearing slide

产品详情 ( Product details )
长度(Length): 300-600mm(12"-24")
开启形式(Open Style): 全开(Full Open)
安装方式(Installation): 抽屉侧面(Install on side panel)、宽度(width): 12.7mm±0.3mm
最大负荷量(loading Capacity): 30KG(18")
分离形式(Detachment): 按键式可拆 (Press to detach)
表面处理(Finish): 镀蓝锌,彩锌,电泳黑(Blue-zinc plated and black)
材料(Material): 冷轧钢(Cold-rolled steel)
包装(Package): 15付/箱(15sets/ctn)
建议用途(Recommended use): 橱柜,室内空具,办公家具档案柜及医疗专用抽屉(cabinet, indoor Furniture and office file cabinet...etc)
# 特色(Character)
1 轻压即可开启,简易安全 Highly durable, stable and smooth
2 滑轨耐用性佳,平稳顺畅 With a more responsive silent buffer
3 抽屉开启力道轻盈且更加顺畅 Easy to open and smoother
4 此产品正常使用及安装下,寿命达50,000次 The opening and closing life reaches 50,000 times under normal use and installation


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